About Us


The XAIBE story begins when three guys came together and agreed that it would be a great idea to design and build a safe, secure and easy-to-use platform where people could trade; buy; sell and communicate with each other, safely and securely with cryptocurrency as its common thread.

The founder, designer and builder comes out of the technology systems development business in banking, and he is a prominent university professor of blockchain in business. He has written and spoken much on the subject; and XAIBE was his original idea. It was his vision, design and drive that made it a reality

The second founder is a prominent technology systems security professional who worked to build a secure, private platform that people can trust to trade their currencies and buy and sell all types of products without any of their private info getting to the outside world. And he has done security for some of the biggest financial companies in the world.

Then these two guys joined forces with a great young technology team and built XAIBE. During this project, the team decided that a cryptocurrency exchange would be a great idea to add to the XAIBE platform, and so they did it. Opening up to all what they called the XaiTrade exchange to many cryptocurrencies and inviting all interested to trade on the exchange and use the exchange to manage their crypto-investments. And they made XaiTrade easy to use and to navigate, just as they did for XAIBE.

Then they designed, constructed and offered their own secure, e-commerce cryptocurrency, the XAIBE… a more secure cryptocurrency for people to use when buying and selling products and services.

Then, they designed and constructed what they called the XAIBE Real Time Simulator, a very instructional, fun and easy-to-use tool that allows people to learn and then practice the trading and managing of their own cryptocurrency portfolios. The simulator’s introduction was a bang-up success; and now people from all over the world are using it and learning about trading and managing their portfolios on the XaiTrade platform.

This is the XAIBE story. Join us as we grow and add to it. We are looking forward to working and growing with you.