Few places to spend your crypto currency exits

Consumer Don’t Know Where to Spend Their Crypto

When we think of the new economic system, bitcoin comes to our mind, a new way of selling and buying virtual money, with which some people have only heard about bitcoin, but they really know the other types of cryptocurrency offered by the market?

Xaibe is the first platform that offers this service, buying and selling cryptocurrencies of the type such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum, Zcash, Dash, Ripple, and Monero. Not only that, it also offers to sell and buy products, services, and as we mention cryptocurrencies.

Xaibe is the place to buy and sell crypto coins, not only the place indicated, but the first of its kind and type. So you know where to go?

If you have invested in crypto coins since they were launched on the wall street market, you should feel a lucky person, because with the pass of these almost 10 years their value has risen almost 3000%, but the real question is, where can I buy with my crypto coins, the answer, is simple, Xaibe.

Yes, Xaibe allows you to spend your crypto coins in a simple and easy way. You can see the daily exchanges rates so you can know the value of the coins that you have, and in what you want to buy or sell.

Xaibe provides an easy and funny way to its users, so they can spent their crypto currencies all around the world.

Xaibe is a Place, if a Currency is on Xaibe is a Good Currency to Buy.

Xaibe is a place where you can buy and sell your crypto coins, if your cryptocurrency is on Xaibe´s app, it means that you can make use of this in the application to buy and sell, both products and services the same cryptocurrencies.

Validates the cryptocurrencies giving you the best analysis and value of how they are at the moment in the market, so you can see the value of your offer. In addition, the market value of the coins is updated constantly, Xaibe does it for you every 30 seconds.

Here in Xaibe we give people the perception, before they buy currency, that they ask themselves, can I used ? is on Xaibe?, does Xaibe validates this crypto coin? This because there are more than 260 types of crypto currencies.

The impact that Xaibe has had is so big that companies need to get in touch with Xaibe's team, because Xaibeis the only one on the whole planet that validates the crypto coins, and you can use them. Once they contact Xaibes team, an application is processed so that the crypt coin is valued and is a new option for users. Is time to walk into the future, to experiment and verify the security and ease that Xaibe provides both in the stock market, and to users the option of being able to spend their cryptocurrencies


At the moment you want to buy or sell either a cryptocurrency, a product or service, Xaibe gives you the option to see the rating that the user has, this same to see if you are interested in doing business with that user.

The user rating system is very simple, at the moment you agree to have an agreement with the other user, only contact is allowed at the moment of qualifying it.

Qualifying the user will only be at the end of the agreement being completed. The following is qualified by: product quality, on-time delivery, response among users if it is on time, if both parties were professionals and finally if the payment was on time. The rating goes from lowest to highest, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

Noun.- the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.

Xaibe has a particular characteristic, and this is very important to the app. The Privacy that it give you, it isn’t an app that is bodering you. You are in the state of being free from public attention.

That’s why Xaibe didn’t ask for a lot of information when you enter to the app and register, are simple things like user name, email and a password.

When you are register to create your Xaibe user, it’s very simple and easy, it didn’t ask you for a lot of information, it only requires limited information about the consumer such as: User name, Email account, so you can be notify through your email, and a password. Also it gives you the option of create a wallet at the moment that you are register, or do it later.

This information that Xaibe is asking if simple because it wants to give you privacy, between each user and the app.

Connect Everyone’s in the World – Xaibe as a Global Solution

With the ease that there is nowadays with internet and technology services, Xaibe is a global solution, connecting everyone in any part of the world.

This makes the functionality of Xaibe accessible to everyone, from computers, smart phones and tablets, no matter in which country you are, whether at home, in the office, at a business dinner or even in a cafe, at the park etc. You can be aware of your movements and how your offerings are.

These solutions are global because you can be making deals with someone from another country, at another time that is not where your time zone is.

At the moment that two users are about to close a deal, they have a small step before their transaction is complete, Xaibe makes a charge to the operation so that it can be validated and completed. This charge is added to the transaction. It is the payment that the two parties make in order to continue with the purchase process.

Xaibe makes a charge to the interested party of 3 dollars, when this charge is made, the person can proceed with his transaction and finally he will only have to wait to receive his product. if that were the case.

We don’t Get part of the Transaction

Here in Xaibe, we do not receive a part of the transaction that is being closed at the moment, that is why a transaction is charged.

We recognize that we do not have to have a percentage of the transaction, because we only facilitate the use of the application, we connect people globally, making easier and simple the purchase and sale of products, services and cryptocurrencies.

the charge is made to the party interested in the offer and it is only 3 dollars to complete its operation.

Xaibe The First Interface Where You Can Buy and Sell Using Your Cryptocurrencies

Xaibe, the first application that focuses on a new economic system, which is based on crypto coins, for those who do not know about the crypto currency is “A form of digital currency that relies on the mathematics of cryptography to control how and when units of the currency are created and to ensure secure transfer of funds.”- Scientific American, Core Concepts January,2018. John Pavlus pg 32.

Xaibe is a dedicated application that allows people to use their crypto currency, and is the first of its kind and type where you can buy and sell: products such as cars, clothes, furniture, technology, jewelry and music. Xaibe’s merchant account, giving the support and facility, so they can enter to the crypto currency world.

Xaibe maintains anonymity between the users, protecting the identity, which is a new way to buy and sell between users around the world, and the facility that you don’t need change the currency for the country you are.