What is XAIBE?

It is an online superstore that allows you to buy and sell products and services in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Why it is XAIBE unique?

It is dedicated to only cryptocurrency transactions, and does not accept any national currency, making it completely tax free transactions.

Who can use XAIBE?

XAIBE is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency e-commerce system that provide sellers and buyers the ability to transact exclusively using different types of crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero and the XAIBE COIN). In each transaction of buy/sell, XAIBE collects a commission (e.g. 1.5%) of the sales price of the product or service. The commission is derived based on the transaction in fractions of bitcoins, or other digital currencies, and it is paid to XAIBE by the merchant (seller). XAIBE also charges a minimum $30 monthly maintenance fee to the merchant accounts that consists of a dedicated e-commerce page they can use to list all of their pricing catalogue of products and services.

How to become a Merchant?

Anyone globally can setup a merchant account as a company or entrepreneur providing for basic information since XAIBE is not restricted to any country jurisdiction.

What are benefits to become Merchant on XAIBE?

Merchants can create a personal page on XAIBE that lists all their products and services for purchase. XAIBE’s simple interface allows Merchants to develop their page in minutes and to begin adding products and services for sale with no technical knowledge needed.

How will merchants receive money from sells?

All Merchants need is a digital wallet for XAIBE to transfer all funds from sales. XAIBE automatically notifies merchants immediately when the funds from sales are available through email and application alerts.

How secure is our platform?

The exchange maintains unprecedented security controls while preserving user friendliness. Through a combination of firewalls, dual factor authentication, behavioral engines, and strong encryption cyphers, we utilize a variety of security controls to keep our clients safe and their identities private. On the front end, our technology protects your identity even when an offer is agreed upon.