Terms and Conditions of Xaibe

Terms and Conditions of Xaibe

Xaibe Terms and Conditions of Use are very important, so we recommend that you read them carefully as well as our Privacy Policy, and other terms mentioned in this document. We want our users to feel comfortable on Xaibe while spending their crypto currencies in exchange for products and services.

Codes of Conduct:

Xaibe’s requires all users to conduct themselves in professional, respectful, and ethical manner during all social interactions online and offline via the platform. The following are some of the types breaches that are considered violations of Xaibe’s code of conduct (harassment, illegal solicitation, disclosing a user’s personal contact information without consent, etc.). All breaches can be subject to limited usage and/or account termination.

Privacy Policy:

Anonymous parties : Xaibe provides every user with anonymity, which means that contact information remains anonymous and only discloses when both parties agree to do a deal. Anonymity(n): The condition of being anonymous "Most people who agreed to talk requested anonymity"

Below are the different types of information that is deemed private:

Commission Fees:

Contact information of both parties is disclosed after Xaibe receives the commission fee. Permission to disclose user contact information when a match is accepted (when you accept a match, Xaibe is allowed to share contact information of the two parties so they can complete the transaction offline.

  1. Commission Fee(n): a fee paid to auctioneers, salespeople, and merchants for their services. “Sellers pay fixed commission fee.”

Bid Disclaimer:

Xaibe reserves the right to update the disclaimer and terms and conditions, users responsibility to update themselves on any changes

No representation or warranty is made by XAIBE as:

Xaibe, only makes easier the purchase , the sale of products and services with cryptocurrencies, only connect the parties.

XAIBE, at its sole discretion, doesn't have control over :

General Disclaimer:

Limitation of liability:

XAIBE and its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, and employees expressly waive and disclaim any and all liability.

1.) General disclaimer:

Xiabe is not responsible for any losses, damages or claims arising from events falling within the scope of the following categories:

2.) Transaction validation description:

All transactions are recorded on the blockchain since it's inception. To verify whether a payment was made, or a transaction was processed, please go to one of the following sites and copy/paste the send/receive address associated with that transaction:

To browse the blockchain and validate transactions for Bitcoin and Litecoin, use: https://live.blockcypher.com/

To browse the blockchain and validate transactions for Ethereum, use: https://etherscan.io/

3.) Orphaned accounts policy:

If Xaibe detects no user login or activity on an account for more than a year, the account will be considered "orphaned". Orphanced accounts will be kept for 3 years before they're liquidated. The liquidation of the account involves the deletion of the account from Xaibe's systems and transfer of the account funds into Xaibe's crypto currency wallet.